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Thinning hair in men? Discover these free tips & tricks!

Do you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss? Then you are not the only one, because for a lot of men thin hair is an annoying and common dilemma. Countless men face it over time. And where one man suffers from enormous coves at the age of 30, another man’s hair does not become thinner until he is 60. Fortunately, with the right care, styling and good and professional products, thinner hair does not have to be a problem at all. We gave you some useful tips, tricks and advice!

Thinning hair occurs in most men over time. You may experience a hairline that retracts, hair loss on your crown or inlets due to thinning hair. We speak of thinning hair in men when the scalp becomes visible because the hair does not cover the skin enough. Unfortunately, thickening hair is practically impossible.

Losing thickness and volume in your hair is not just a physical change, we understand that better than anyone. A thinner head of hair also does something to every man’s self-confidence. It can be quite painful if you had a nice full head of hair as a youthful guy, but you are slowly but surely literally losing your wild hair.

The cause of thinning hair in men

How is it that so many gentlemen are dealing with thinning hair? There are several factors that contribute to a thinning hairstyle in men. Consider your eating habits, your lifestyle such as smoking and drinking, but stress also plays an important role. Moreover, hereditary is one of the biggest reasons for balding. In doing so, in most cases you have to look at your mother’s father. Of course, if your hair suddenly becomes thinner, it could also say something about your overall physical condition, such as lower testosterone levels. In such a case, it may be advisable to consult your doctor.

Thinning hair is the biggest reason for aging, but so it can also be caused by other external factors. On these external factors you have influence. Therefore, you may want to think about adjusting your diet or lifestyle. When you consume the right vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B5, zinc and selenium, and reduce excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption, it can help you achieve a fuller and healthier men’s hairstyle

These styling and products will help you achieve a fuller men's hairstyle

If you are dealing with thinning hair, then you need effective solutions. Therefore, we have several tips and advice on styling and products that will make your hairstyle look fuller:

#1 Go for a shorter cut

If you have thinner hair, then cutting your hair shorter can make it look much fuller. This gives the illusion of thicker hair. However, it is recommended that a shorter cut for men with thin hair be treated by a professional men’s hairdresser. He or she is trained to cut your hairstyle with more volume.

#2 Avoid the wet look by using gel

Do you still smear a big blob of gel in your hair? Stop right there. Using gel in thin hair results in a so-called “wet look. This wet look makes your hair look a lot thinner. Rather, go for alternative styling products such as a matte wax that allows you to create a natural look

#3 Do not use wax with a gloss

If you want to make your men’s hairstyle look fuller, you would do well to choose matte styling products. These types of waxes add volume to your hair without weighing it down. Wax with a shine actually makes thin hair limp and greasy. So prefer to leave these to one side.

#4 use a hair dryer

What many men do not know is that using a blow dryer is very helpful in creating a full hairstyle. With a blow dryer, you can cover the thinning spots better. In addition, a good tonic helps hair feel thicker and stiffer. For example, go for the Reuzel Grooming Tonic, which makes your hair less likely to sag and keeps your hairstyle in shape longer.

#5 Take advantage of the versatility of thin hair

Did you know that thin hair also offers opportunities? A thin haircut gives you the chance to style it in many different directions. Something that is much more difficult with thicker hair. Therefore, experiment with various looks and ways of styling and discover which hairstyle suits you best.

Use special products for styling thin and fine hair

At Men’s World barbershop, one of the most frequently asked questions is: which wax should I use to style my thin or fine hair? That’s why our selection consists only of absolute top brands, such as Hairbond. They offer products that are extremely carefully formulated to help men care for and style a thinning hairstyle.

For men with thin hair, we recommend the Hairbond Super Fibre Elite. With a powerful matte hold and added keratin protein, this product provides stronger, healthier hair. Moreover, the this styling wax is free of parabens and sulfates. With that, this styling wax not only provides an aesthetic solution, but it also offers a nurturing experience. Hairbond’s Super Fibre Elite keeps your hairstyle from sagging, even after a day at work or a wild night out. This wax will keep your hair in perfect shape.

How to use Hairbond Super Fibre Elite on thin hair

The Hairbond Super Fibre Elite is an easy to style wax that feels spreadable and airy. This makes it a lot easier to effortlessly style a thinner hairstyle into a full style. All you have to do is apply a small amount of wax to dry hair. Then style the hairstyle with your hands, or use a styling comb with coarser teeth for optimal results full of volume.

Advice for thin hair in men? We are happy to be at your service!

At Men’s World Shop, we understand that thin hair is more than a physical change. It affects self-confidence and the way you see yourself. With the right care, styling and high-quality products, thinning hair does not have to be a bad thing at all. Explore our product range and experience the transformation that is possible with the right products and knowledge.

Do you need additional advice for styling thin hair, or are you looking for the best product for everyday use? At Men’s World Shop, we are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice!

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